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Security and Locks

Security and Locks If you intend to leave your bike anywhere in a public place, at work or even outside in a shed or garage, then locking it up and preventing thieves from getting their hands on it is vital. The Abus Security Scale We stock a vast range of locks from the manufacturer Abus, who we feel provide the best choice and best quality of locks on the market. Their range includes all types of locks; cable, chain, shackle and D- locks. They use a simple scale system of 1-15 to show you how secure the lock is, with 15 being the most secure. This scale is the same for each of the types of locks that they produce. With enough time and the right tools any lock can be broken, but at level 15 it would take a great deal of time and specialist cutting equipment to break which should deter any would-be crooks! Electronic Security Measures At AW cycles we sell security data tags which means if your bike is stolen the police can identify it from an electronic fingerprint on a transponder which matches it to a sophisticated database. This initiative will greatly increase the chances of your bike being recovered.
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