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Mudguards make cycling in wet weather on wet and muddy roads a more pleasant and tolerable experience. We have a wide selection of mudguards to fit the broad range of bikes that we sell. For road bikes we stock mudguard sets that are designed to fit on the bike with mudguard eyes on the forks and rear drop outs as well as brakes that will allow them to pass underneath. Mudguards from companies such as Topeak can fit to any road bike with special brackets that can be attached and removed easily. The guards are ideal for those not wanting a full winter bike set up but would like extra protection when riding on wet roads on their race bike. We also stock a range of guards to fit tyres of differing widths for hybrid bikes. Either 700cc or 650cc wheels give weather protection for the commute to work on your straight handled bike. For mountain bikes we offer a range of mudguards designed to keep the worst of the mud and spray from your clothes. These guards attach to the bike either by clamping to the seat post extending over the rear wheel, or clipping on to the down tube which deflects the mud from the front wheel. MTB guards are designed to fit on most mountain bikes but for further information on all of the mudguards we sell, contact one of our sales team who can offer plenty of advice on compatibility and fitting.
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