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Energy Food & Drinks We pride our selves in providing a complete solution for those wanting a one stop shop for everything needed to get the most out of the cycling, no matter what type of riding or level of ability. The most expensive and technologically advanced bicycles will make little difference if the body of the rider using it is not fuelled and working properly. Many disciplines of riding demand the body to work for long periods of time. Anything over an hour will mean that the body needs to be constantly refuelled and hydrated. Turbo Trainers Turbo trainers are designed to allow you to train effectively indoors on a standard bike away from the winter weather. They also provide varying amounts of resistance to the rear wheel, making them ideal tools to use to increase the strength of your pedal stoke and the resulting power. All this is done in a controlled and safe environment where the rider can give 100% effort without worrying about traffic.
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