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Cycling Computers and Monitors

Cycle Computers & GPS Bicycle computers have developed dramatically over the past few years. Now even the most basic computer will tell you your current speed, average speed, distance covered and time on the bike. Many computers still use wires to carry the signal from the sensor on the forks or chainstay. These wires pick up the speed from a magnet passing it on the wheel. However, more and more computers are now available with cordless or wireless sensors that are easy to set up and very reliable. Analysing Performance Data As you move through the range of computers, many come with cadence sensors, heart rate functions and altimeters. All of the information gathered can then be downloaded to a computer for evaluation. We now stock a range of GPS systems that along with the normal computer functions allow the rider to plan a route in advance, track where they are and evaluate the ride once they get home. Have a look at our range of cycle computers and GPS systems from manufacturers such as Cateye, Topeak, Mavic and Garmin.
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