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Food and Drinks

Energy Food & Drinks We pride our selves in providing a complete solution for those wanting a one stop shop for everything needed to get the most out of the cycling, no matter what type of riding or level of ability. The most expensive and technologically advanced bicycles will make little difference if the body of the rider using it is not fuelled and working properly. Many disciplines of riding demand the body to work for long periods of time. Anything over an hour will mean that the body needs to be constantly refuelled and hydrated. We recomend regular hydration even if riding under an hour the body needs to be properly hydrated before and durring the ride. This is best done with Nutritious & Hydrating Recovery Drinks, these Products essentially come in three forms; a hydration drink , a food source drink and a recovery drink for after the event. Gels that contain carbohydrate and electrolytes are also available designed to get a fast hit of energy into your body when you need it most. 
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