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A modern day essential for MTB riding is the hydration pack. Water bottles carried on your bike often get covered in mud and dirt and are difficult to drink on a rough trail where taking your hands off the bars is difficult. To overcome this many manufacturers such as Camelback have set the industry standard and created backpacks that contain a bladder with a hose and nozzle. The tube comes out of the top of the pack and hangs near the rider’s mouth to make drinking far safer. With the bladders coming in all sizes from 0.5 litres to 3 litres, you can carry twice as much water than with two bottles. With many different sizes of bag available, some are big enough to carry everything you could possibly need for a day in the saddle; allowing you to carry far more than the pockets in your jersey could ever allow. We offer a large range of Camelback products with packs designed for all sorts of sports, from hip packs for running to insulated packs for skiing which stop the liquid freezing. Women’s camelbacks are also designed to fit more closely to the different shape of the female back and are therefore more comfortable to wear.
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