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Cages and Water Bottles

Cages and Water Bottles A vital aspect to consider when riding, no matter how far you are going or what type of bike you are on is hydration. By drinking regularly you can maintain your performance and ride further and faster. The best way to take on fluid on a bike is using a bottle cage and a water bottle designed to fit neatly inside. Pretty much all bikes are designed and manufactured with special water bottle bosses found in the down tube and seat tube to make attaching cages easy. There are some exceptions, such as bikes which are either too small or with odd shaped tubes where there is no obvious place for a cage. These include some full suspension MTB bikes. Other specialist bikes such as cyclo cross race bikes and track bikes, where the races are too short to require fluid are also made without bosses. We offer a massive range of cages and bottles form the most basic to featherweight carbon creations from top manufacturers such as Elite, Tortec, Campagnolo, USE and Blackburn.

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