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Turbo Trainers - Rollers Rollers allow you to ride your bikes indoors with a realistic feel and low resistance. They can be an inexpensive solution to training in bad weather and can be easily transported for warming up before races. They work with 3 drums or rollers that are attached to a frame with a rubber band running between the front roller and one of the two at the back which support the rear wheel. When the rider pedals, the drums will move turning both wheels and simulating a realistic road ride. The Technical Challenge Rollers are more of a technical challenge than turbo trainers as they take some practice to get used to. However, once accomplished they are great for spinning the legs and provide great satisfaction. Don’t be worried though if you believe that if you ride off a roller by mistake that you will fly though the wall in front. There is no momentum in the wheels as it is all contained in the rollers - the worst that can happen is that you fall off sideways. Lightweight & Portable Rollers are lightweight, easy to store and easy to transport. No special skewers or tyres are needed which is why at most track races many of the competitors will be using rollers to warm up on. They come with varying weights of roller, although in general the larger the roller the smoother the ride. As a rule they come with no more resistance than the gears provide, however, resistance fans can be purchased for some models as can frames to hold the bikes secure. We stock a range of rollers from Elite, Tacx and Cycleops.
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