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Indoor Turbo Trainers

Train effectively indoors on a standard bike away from the winter weather with a Turbo trainer. They also provide varying amounts of resistance to the rear wheel, making them ideal tools to use to increase the strength of your pedal stoke and the resulting power. All this is done in a controlled and safe environment where the rider can give 100% effort without worrying about traffic. The resistance can be increased using a lever attached to the handle bar or lower on the unit. This moves the magnets closer together, increasing resistance. As the price rises, more magnets are included for greater resistance with heavier fly wheels used for a smoother ride. The frame of the turbo also changes on the better models with a different design that allows the bike to move under pressure or out of the saddle. This gives a more realistic feel and is better for the frame of the bike. Ergo trainers use the same frames and the resistance units work with magnets or fluid. Sensors on the fly wheel send information to a screen in the handlebars that gives feedback to the rider. Basic ergo trainers will show power in watts, speed, time and cadence. At the top of the range most will link to a PC, enabling you to run your session off in virtual realist sessions, some even produce real footage that adjusts the resistance automatically as you get to a hill and can even spin the flywheel when descending. These trainers come with complete training software packages which let you develop your own programme, download from the web and analyse information after each session. Ergo trainers have moved far beyond a wet weather aid and can now offer a great training solution all year round.
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