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Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are a method of transport that has become more popular in the past years. They have numerous advantages; as long as you are aged 14 or above, you do not need to worry about a license or insurance and fuel costs whilst in Great Britain.

What Is An Electric Bike?

According to Transport For London, an eBike “is a standard pedal cycle fitted with a battery and electric motor”. Unlike full-power or no-pedal bikes, an eBike uses a pedal assist motor instead of a hub motor. This separate motor is located towards the rear wheel where it provides the assistance. This motor typically provides the pedal assist either by driving the wheel through the gear sprocket or by pressing against the rear tyre itself.

In order to be considered road-legal and able to be used on roads and cycle paths where ‘normal bicycles’ are allowed, the bicycle must have its speed restricted to 25km/h (15.5 mph) and the power cannot exceed 250 watts. Whilst it is possible to go faster than the restricted speed limit, the motor will not provide assistance above this speed, so you’ll be entirely reliant on your ‘leg power’.

Cycle To Work On An eBike

The electric bike is ideal for use when cycling to work. Many people like the idea of getting more exercise in their day to day lives by cycling to work, but many are put off from the idea because of long cycle times and the level of exhaustion you’ll encounter when you begin this lifestyle change. However, the eBike can provide assistance with these issues.

Cycling to work has many advantages; it can even improve your performance in the workplace. When your exercise, your body releases chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and various endorphins. These chemicals provide a mood boost whilst helps you to combat the effects of workplace stress. So instead of reaching for the coffee before a day at the office, reach for the cycle helmet and bike to work instead.

A Vast Selection Of Brands To Choose From

At AW Cycles, you can browse through a diverse selection of electric bikes including bicycles from many well known brands.

  • Haibike
    With over 20 years of experience and the ability to draw upon almost 100 years of experience from their parent company WinoraGroup, cyclists all over the world choose to ride electric mountain bikes from this well known manufacture. Their popular eBike rages include the Xduro and the Sduro, both of which you can purchase from the AW Cycles online store. Additionally, with Haibike electric bicycles, you can choose between hard tail, full suspension, and fat bikes, and also different wheel sizes including 29 inch, 27.5 inch, and 24 inch.

  • Rocky Mountain Bikes
    Want a bike that feels like ‘a proper mountain bike’ but provides you with a gentle helping hand? With toque, low centre of gravity, and a fully optimised suspension the Altitude Powerplay tail mountain bike from Rocky Mountain Bikes has everything you would expect from a tail bike, however the electric motor’s pedal assistance will give you a boost when you need it, making it ideal for people who want to enjoy a mountain biking experience, but need a helping hand.

  • Focus
    Empowered with German engineering, Focus bikes are the steed of choice for cyclists all over the point. Designed to help you push your boundaries and reach new limits, the focus range is the ideal choice if you’re trying to reach a new personal best. In addition to the mountain bikes and road bicycles that many are familiar with, Focus bikes also include a selection of electric bikes allowing for a more comfortable, easier, and more enjoyable ride.

Unsure If A Bike Is Right For You?

If you are not sure if a bike a good fit for you, visit our team in person. If you visit our Reading Bike Shop, you can take a bicycle for a quick test ride and see if it’s the right choice for you. Additionally, if decide to purchase the bike, our team of experts can adjust the bicycle to make sure that it is optimised for you and your unique riding style.

Visit AW Cycles And Join The Reading Cycling Community

If you would like to get more exercise, get active, and improve your physical wellbeing, cycling is a fantastic hobby to help you achieve your fitness goals.

If you’re searching for an easy introduction to the world of cycling, consider joining the Reading cycling community and take part in the next upcoming AW Cycles event.

Get In Touch With Our Team

If you would like additional information or if you require assistance with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and a member of staff will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

To speak to one of our cycling experts, please call 0118 946 3050 or send an email to info@awcycles.co.uk. Additionally, you can also visit our team in person at 110 Henley Road, Caversham, Reading. More information regarding our contact information such as our opening hours, our social media links, and a map to help you find our Reading bike shop can be found by visiting our contact page.

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