Single Speed and Track Bikes

Single Speed/Track Bikes
There is a large range of single speed bikes that, as the name suggests, only have one gear. Unlike full fixed gear bikes they have freewheels, meaning that when the rider stops pedalling the rear wheel will keep turning and you can free wheel downhill.

Uncomplicated Riding
Riding with one gear is a very pure and uncomplicated way of riding a bike and can be very good for your pedalling. To get the maximum out of the bicycle, your pedal stroke needs to be very efficient. On a mountain bike a single speed can also be very practical as there are no gears to clog up with mud and no cassette to take apart and clean.

Commuter Cycles
Single speed bikes tend to be very popular with commuters as on the trip to work the last thing that a rider needs is to have the gears go wrong. By only having one gear, the chances of mechanical failure are greatly reduced.

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