Bianchi Arcadex – A Gravel Bike That Heightens Your Enjoyment of Nature

Posted in AW Cycles News on 27th October 2022

Released in 2020, the full-carbon Bianchi Arcadex has gone on to delight gravel riders with its off-road capabilities – its speed and aesthetics working together to connect riders more with their environment, heightening their enjoyment of off-road trails.

As a provider of all kinds of high-quality bikes here at AW Cycles, we are delighted to present our selection of Bianchi Arcadex bikes. As dedicated off-road riders ourselves, we know just how important it is to feel a part of the surroundings you ride in – the feelings we experience helps us to get more from our rider. So, let’s take a look at the Arcadex in detail and sum up its benefits!

All About The Bianchi Arcadex Gravel Bike

The name ‘Arcadex’ that Bianchi chose was inspired by the Greek and Roman legend of Arcadia, ‘a place where nature's harmony reigned’. They believe that connecting humans with their natural world beyond enhances every sense: from the crisp colour perception to the technicalities of the bike and how it reacts to the physicality of outdoor trails.

The Arcadex carbon fibre frame is a 1.100gr (in size 55) and incredibly responsive whether you're riding to explore or indulging your competitive spirit. It combines the off-road capability with speed and aesthetics of road bikes – making it perfect for any level cyclist who wants an all-rounder that can do anything asked of them on one ride.

Bianchi's dedication to detail is evident in the Arcadex – the frame design has been aerodynamically optimised for performance, while clearance allows 700x42 or 650 x 47 tires enough scope against any rough terrain you might choose. Naturally, it has been equipped for the installation of mudguards, while the frame also features better integration to protect against mud and grime ingress.

This model can run manual or electric drivetrains, with an ACR-compatible headset and a streamlined connection between frame and stem thanks to the custom head tube and spaces. Due to these features, the rider will enjoy a sleek fully-integrated cockpit.

The Arcadex is available in two colour options, both of which take inspiration from the untapped wilderness where the bike is naturally at home. The colour choices include gold storm or classic celeste, both of which are accompanied by blue note – a rich, premium accent colour. The paint design and graphics give a sense of dynamism and forward movement, so the bike appears fast (even when standing still) and looks like an extension of its surroundings. Perfect for fans of trail riding!

Inspired? Then why not browse our selection of Bianchi Arcadex gravel bikes here at AW Cycles?

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