Introducing the New Orange Patriot LE: Unleash the Power of Gravity Riding

Posted in AW Cycles News on 16th October 2023

The Patriot: A Legacy Reimagined

The Patriot is a name that goes a long way back in the history books for Orange Bikes. A versatile, hard-hitting, and incredibly capable machine, it was the trusted steed for gravity riders navigating treacherous trails. Now, meet the new torchbearer of this legacy - the E.P.O. (Electric Powered Orange) model from Orange.

Unleashing Power with Strange Powerlink Driven Shock System

The frame of the new Patriot is fortified with the Strange powerlink driven shock system, a proven gem in our Stage 7 and Switch 7 frames. This system, tailored for robust e-bike drivetrains, guarantees unrivalled grip on any terrain.

Bosch Performance Line CX: Power Refined

Embracing innovation, the Patriot proudly features the Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit. This advanced powerhouse seamlessly complements Orange's ride philosophy, elevating your experience to new heights.

A Symphony of Agility and Confidence

The Patriot is an amalgamation of agile handling and unshakeable confidence on formidable mountain terrain. Think of it as your gravity companion with a built-in uplift. Boasting a mixed-size wheelset (29” front & 27.5" rear) and a generous 170 mm of suspension travel front and rear, it's engineered for domination.

Geometry that Speaks Power

Drawing inspiration from the Switch 7, the Patriot boasts a sure-footed trail-hugging grip, characterized by its powerlink chassis. With a slack 63° head angle, a forward-looking 76° seat tube angle, roomy reach (481mm for Large), and lengthy chainstays, the rider is positioned front and centre for impeccable control, whether scaling peaks or descending into the unknown.

Lifting Grounds for the Climb

For the E.P.O. version, we've raised the bottom bracket by 5mm, coupled with 165mm crankarms, offering a tad more ground clearance to diminish pedal strikes during demanding ascents.

Crafted in the UK, Engineered for Excellence

As with all Orange E.P.O. models, the Patriot proudly bears the "Made in Britain" badge. It's the culmination of our Strange powerlink program, previously revered in our EWS enduro models, now making its debut on an eMTB.

Why Choose the Patriot LE?

  • Electric Powered Orange: Embrace the future of riding with our cutting-edge E.P.O. technology.
  • Frame & Warranty: A brand-new frame, crafted in Britain, backed by a 5-year warranty and Limited Lifetime Crash Replacement.
  • Bosch Performance Line CX Drive Assist: Experience unmatched power with 85Nm maximum drive torque.
  • Trail-Optimised Geometry: Navigate with precision, thanks to our trail-honed geometry and reduced offset fork.
  • Boost Your Ride: With Boost 148mm rear hub spacing, enjoy enhanced stability and control.
  • Battery for the Long Haul: The Bosch Power Tube 750wh integrated battery ensures you never run out of juice.

Bosch Performance Line CX: Elevate Your Ride

  • Maximum Torque: 85Nm of raw power.
  • Lightweight Marvel: Weighing in at just 2.9kg.
  • Smart Features: From Smart Walk Assistance to Customisable Ride Modes, take control of your journey.

Stay Connected with eBike Flow App

Unlock a suite of features with the eBike Flow App, available on Apple App and Google Play. Enjoy enhanced navigation, ride screens, and more.

Over-the-Air Updates for the Future

Keep your Patriot LE at its peak with over-the-air updates via the Flow app.

Get ready to embark on a new era of gravity riding.

The Orange Patriot LE is here to redefine boundaries, ensuring every descent is a story worth telling. Purchase your Orange Patriot LE Bike from AW Cycles today!

Explore our range of Orange Bikes at AW Cycles, or speak to an expert by calling 0118 946 3050.

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