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Bicycle Parts Components are the working parts of a bike (or "The stuff that makes the bike work!"). If you’re building a bike from scratch or replacing or upgrading a component on your bike, this is the place to start. There are many different parts that are all essential for the bike to be strong, safe, work properly or move at all. Gear Systems & Pedals The gears move the bike, providing various ratios to tackle different terrain. These are made up of shifters to change gear, front and rear mechs to move the gears with cables from the shifters, chainsets with cranks and chainrings that attaché to a bottom bracket. A chain that joins the chainset and rear mechs allows the bicycle to move when pedalled. Pedals attach to the cranks or the rider’s foot rests. The brakes allow the bike to stop and are made up of brake callipers of differing types either on the rim or disc. Brake levers close the brake pads on the rim or disc using cables. Rims & Wheels Wheels are made in 3 main sizes; 26" for MTB bike, 700c for the road and 20" for BMX but 29 inch and 650A are emerging fast. Fitting onto the rims are tyres which are either self contained (such as tubular tyres) or inflate with tubes in the tyre. The wheels are made up of rims, hubs and spokes. The main point of contact between the rider and bike are the handlebars with grips or bar tape and the saddle attached to a seat post into the frame . A stem attaches to the frame and allows the position to be adjusted to the different size of the rider.
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