Brake Levers

Bike Brake Levers
If you need a set of levers that are not integrated, this section contains everything you need to know. We have levers for flat handlebar road cycles and extra handlebar brakes for your cross bike, allowing you to brake on the tops of the bars.

Replacement Levers
You can find replacement levers for your road bike (which doesn’t have STI or ergo levers) as well as separate levers for your TT bicycle that stand alone from the front brake, turning your track bicycle into a road machine.

Road Ergo & STI Brake Levers
Whether you use Shimano, Campagnolo or SRAM gears and brakes we stock them all. Each manufacturer makes several different levels of groupset to cater for all abilities and price points. Each gear and brake system works slightly differently to do the same job. If you are looking to upgrade or simply need to replace your existing integrated levers, take a look through our product pages or refer to our buyers guide for any extra help you might need.

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