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Handlebar Grips

Handlebar Grips Handlebar grips can be a vital component of the bike to give you a confident hold on the bars and most importantly a comfortable grip. We stock a large range of grips to fit both MTB and BMX handlebars in all sorts of different patterns and colours. How they attach is very important as a grip slipping on the bars can undermine you confidence and handling as well as simply being dangerous. Lock-on & Rubber Grips Grips are available in two forms; the most common type, you simply push on and the tightness of the rubber holds it in place (a clever tip from our mechanics is to spray hairspray into the grip, push it on and when the hairspray dries the grip will be locked into place). The other main type that we stock are lock-on grips that are attached by a screw on cap on the end of the grip to lock it into place. Although these cost a little more it can be well worth it when riding on rough terrain.
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