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Mountain Bike Handlebars

MTB Handlebars Mountain bike handlebars have developed in recent times from the traditional straight bars to those with some bend or rise to give a different riding position. Straight bars are still preferred by most XC racers as they provide great control. As with road bars, many XC racers will tell you that the bars should be near enough the same width as your shoulders; normally around 18-21". Widened Bars For general riding wider bars seem to be preferred (normally 4-6" wider than the shoulders) as they can be the most efficient compromise between comfort, control and leverage, as well as giving confidence to the rider. Many prefer an upright sitting position and although this can be achieved with an angled stem and flat bars, most manufacturers now produce a range of riser bars of differing angles or sweep to suit the different types of riding. Choosing The Best Materials While most bars are made out of varying aluminium mixes to give a strong bar, steel still has its place. At the top end of the range carbon is the material of choice, especially for those racers looking for the best lightweight set up. Oversized bar/stem clamps are becoming standard at the top end of the market, with increased stiffness from the standard (25.4mm) clamp to the oversized 31.8mm. However, this is still down to personal choice as the flex in the bars can be insignificant compared to the flexing going on else where when flinging the bike through corners and across bumps!
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