Saddles come in many forms, designed for all types of riding and all shapes of rider. At the lower end saddles foam padding is used to provide a comfortable sitting platform, whilst at the higher end special gel pads are positioned to relieve the pressure. However, the amount of padding does not necessarily dictate how comfortable a saddle can be.

Differing Shape & Comfort

Shape is vital and unfortunately everyone’s posterior tends to differ in shape, so one person might find a shape of saddle comfortable whilst another might not be able to sit on it for five minutes. This is why some high end saddles don’t need much padding, or in the case of some super lightweight all carbon saddles none at all. When so much though has been put into the sitting position and shape, combined with padded cycling shorts, some seats are still very comfortable even after 6 hours in the saddle. Of course for the simple potter down to the shops or leisure ride most saddles will be good enough; it’s only if riding for a prolonged period that some careful time and consideration needs to be taken to find the correct fit. The wrong saddle can really detract from your riding experience. If you don’t notice the saddle when riding then you have the correct one. Contact us for any further information or read our buyers guide for help.


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