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Leisure Saddles

Leisure Saddles Leisure saddles are designed to give you the most comfortable and cushioned ride possible. For all uses from everyday rides to the shop or when pottering around the lanes where comfort is more important than speed. At the lower end of the scale most saddles will have ample foam padding to smooth out the bumps with some even including some suspension in the form of springs under the saddle, following very traditional lines. As prices rise, gel padding is used to give a cushioned but solid ride. The gel is designed to mould around the shape of your behind to give maximum support. Highly Developed Saddle Designs At AW Cycles you can also find traditional leather saddles from companies such as Brooks. These particular saddles are made by hand and often need to be worn in before giving long lasting performance. Instead of wearing out, these models wear in, getting more and more comfortable the more you sit on it. Manufacturers also produce specific womens saddles. With women’s posteriors having different characteristics to their male counterparts, manufacturers have created whole ranges of saddles to suit the different sitting bone positions, thus providing a more comfortable riding experience. In the past manufacturers simply created wider saddles with more padding. However, with the huge increase in the size of the women’s bicycle market manufacturers are now putting their resources and experience into the development of saddles designed to cope with the different anatomies of women.
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