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Road Bicycle Saddles

Racing Saddles Road saddles tend to be quite minimal in design as weight is a priority. Specialist materials such as titanium, carbon and magnesium are being used to create high tech lightweight saddles. However, the minimalist look belies the design that has gone into creating the saddles. The shape of the saddle is vital especially as many spend prolonged periods of time on their bikes. Much thought has gone into creating shapes that relieve pressure points and reduce chafing. However, everyone has a different shaped behind, which means saddle choice is very personal and can often be a case of trial and error. If a rider finds a comfortable saddle they often stick with the shape for many years, simply replacing like for like when their saddle is worn or damaged. Manufacturers such a Selle Italia and Fizik realise this and produce a broad range of saddles at all price points so that every rider can find their perfect fit. Women Specific Saddles An important factor with any road saddle is the padded shorts that you wear. Refer to our clothing section or buyers guides for more information. With the interest in women’s road cycling growing fast, many manufacturers have responded by producing a large range of racing saddles specifically designed for women. Instead of simply producing a wider more padded saddle, designers have begun to create shapes that correspond to the different positions of the sitting bones so as to relieve the different pressure points. This means that women’s saddles are now lighter and of minimalist design. These seats often can’t be told apart from a standard saddle, underlining the huge step forward in design and comfort for female cyclists.
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