Seat Posts
As the name suggests, the seat post attaches to and inserts into the frame. They allow easy adjustment so that the rider can change his riding position to the most efficient or most comfortable. They come in many different widths and lengths depending on the width of the frames seat tube and the frame size. For instance (refer to buyers guide) with a compact frame as found on nearly all MTB bikes a long post is needed to get the correct position.

Materials & Prices to Suit All Riders
Depending on budget, seat posts can be made from all materials currently used in the bike industry including steel, aluminium, carbon and titanium. To provide comfort, some posts are designed with suspension to cushion the rider from bumps and smooth out the ride. No matter what style of riding, type of bike or size of post, we have a great range to fit the bill from manufacturers such as ITM, Maverick, USE, Thompson and many more.

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