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Seatpost Clamps

Seatpost Clamps Seat posts are held in place by clamps that use a bolt to tighten over the clamp and around the top of the seat tube, closing it onto the post and holding it firm. There are two main types: quick release comes with a lever so that the rider doesn’t need tools to adjust the post. Instead they simply open the lever to move it up and down and then tighten it by firmly closing the lever. These clamps are often found on mountain bikes (especially at the lower end of the scale) and are very useful for quickly changing the set up of the bike. The second type is permanent clamps that use an Alan bolt and correctly sized key to loosen it. Permanent clamps tend to hold the post more firmly, are not as prone to slipping and are found on most road bikes as well as higher end mountain bikes. Varying Clamp Sizes Be aware that there are many variations in the size of the frame seat tubes. This means that clamps can come in many different sizes. Make sure that you know exactly what size of clamp you need before ordering or contact the team at AW Cycles for further help.
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