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Forks Bicycle forks come in all shapes and sizes to cover the broad range of cycles available. For MTB bikes we stock a whole range from basic aluminium forks to technically advanced suspension forks. Suspension forks work using compressed air or a spring with oil to provide damping on the suspension. Suspension Forks Having front suspension on a bike can take the worst out of the buzz from the road or trail easing the pressure on the arms and allowing the rider to move faster over rough terrain and manage obstacles and jumps that with a pair of rigid forks would be difficult. Suspension forks come in different lengths so that you can tackle bigger obstacles. We stock forks from suppliers such as Rockshox, Fox and Pace. On the road side we offer a large amount of forks, from the most basic steel and aluminium, to the latest lightweight carbon designs. Road Forks Road forks are almost exclusively produced in carbon these days. Improved manufacturing techniques and the reduced price of raw materials means that they can now be purchased at all price points. Road forks come in many different shapes and can be designed for mudguard use and lightweight race use, as well as aero shaped forks for time trials. With differing types of MTB and road forks you must be aware that the width of the steerer tube is either 1" or 1 1/8". Headset compatibility is also a factor worth considering.

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