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Transmission and Gears

Transmission and Gears Bicycles come in a huge amount of shapes and sizes for all possible uses. More often than not each of these different cycles needs unique gears for their particular use. At AW Cycles you will find parts for all gear systems whether you are upgrading, replacing or enhancing your bike set up. Gear Systems A gear system consists of shifters, which connect by cable to a front and rear mech. This moves the chain across the sprockets on the back, or the chainrings on the chainset, altering the gear ratios. Chainrings are attached to cranks that connect to a bottom bracket that allows it to turn and propel the bicycle forward. All bikes with gears include these parts with some variations, such as hub gears. Differing Types of Bike There are differences in the shifting, mechanisms and ratios between road and MTB gear systems, as well as even bigger differences between the two types in general. We stock all sorts of sprockets and chainrings to suit BMX cycles and other single speed bikes and also fixed wheel track bicycles.
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