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Road Bike Cassettes

Road Cassettes In this section you will find all of the cassettes that are designed to fit on Shimano designed freehubs and will work with Shimano Groupsets (refer to buyers guides). Other companies such as SRAM and Mavic make cassettes that are compatible with Shimano freehubs. Ensuring A Perfect Fit Things to note are that if you run a rear wheel with a freehub specifically designed to accept a Shimano 10 speed cassette, then your older 9 speed cassette will not fit. However, if you have a Shimano compatible hub from companies such as Mavic and Bontrager, then it will accept an 8, 9 or 10 speed cassette. (Refer to buyers guide or contact us for more information). Campagnolo make a range of cassettes to match their groupsets, (refer to buyers guide) covering all gear ratios and price points. All current sets run with 10 sprockets in the cassette, but with many older systems still requiring nine speed or even eight speed cassettes, we also make sure that we cater for this demand and keep these in stock as well. Matching Gear Systems All of the Campag cassettes are designed to work specifically with Campag gears, with the spacing of each sprocket exactly matched to the rest of the gear system. Each cassette will only fit on specific free hubs on the rear wheel and are not compatible with other hubs, so make sure that before purchasing your real wheel is designed to fit cassettes from Campagnolo.

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