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Road Bike Chainsets

Road Chainsets The Chainset comprises the cranks which are attached to a spider that holds the chainrings secure. In this section you will find the most common form of road chainset which is supplied with 2 chainrings and known as a double. The two major manufacturers, Shimano and Campagnolo make a chainset to go with each of their groupsets. Highly Developed Performance Materials Design and materials vary slightly as you go up the range, with lighter materials such as carbon creating a stiff and aesthetically pleasing crankset. New designs such as integrated bottom brackets for efficient power transfer and easy maintenance have also been developed and have now been adopted in slightly different forms by nearly all of the manufacturers. With SRAM having entered the groupset market and companies such as FSA making a broad range of Chainsets at all price points, road riders have never had such a vast choice. Chainset Compatibility As with other parts of the gear system, chainset compatibility tends to be limited to the amount of gears you are running. There can be expectations so contact us for further information or refer to the buyers guide. A new development with the double chainset has been the invention of the compact chainset. This is where the chainrings have fewer teeth (often 50t-34t as opposed to the standard 53t-39t) and when combined with the correct cassette can give easier gear ratios - similar to those achieved on a triple chainset. These are particularly popular for longer rides and those doing the ever popular sportif events as they are lighter and more aesthetically pleasing than using three rings. Triple road chainsets are designed and supplied with three rings as opposed to the standard two that come with most road cycles. Triple rings can give you the extra gear ratios necessary to make climbing hills much easier. Most manufactures make a triple version of their cranksets at all levels of groupset. Compatible Gear Systems It is important to be aware that if changing from a double to a triple set, the bottom bracket will not be compatible. You will have to change other parts of the gear system such as the left shifter, the rear mech and the front mech. We stock a large range of triple chainsets and the gears which allow them to work from leading manufacturers such as Shimano, Campagnolo and FSA.
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