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Road Front Mechs

Road Front Mechs The front mech or front derailleur moves the chain across the chainset, thus changing the gears from ring to ring and changing the ratios. On a double this means that the mech has to move across two rings, moving the chain precisely between them. This can be especially important when you need that smaller gear when climbing a hill. Different Types of Mechs Front mechs come in two major types; ’Braze on’, which means it attaches onto a bracket that the frame builder has already installed, or a ’band-on’, which means that the derailleur comes with its own clamp to be attached to the seat tube. The ’band-on’ front mech can come in different sizes, so along with knowing which type you need when ordering make sure you know which size will fit your seat tube. Front derailleur that are specifically designed to be able to move across the three rings on a triple chainset to cope with the increased distance it will have to move. As with the Double front Mech the derailleur will come in two different types, band on and braze on so be sure that you order the correct type and size if ordering a band on.
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