Pedal Cleats
Cleats are the attachment that fits to the bottom of specialist cycling shoes. They are inserted into the pedal and hold your feet secure. Different pedal systems from each manufacturer will vary slightly in the way that they work, but all will need a cleat to fit onto the shoe.

Mountain Bike & Road Bike Cleats
In time all cleats will wear down from constantly being twisted from the pedal and being walked around on without covers (which protect the cleat and can be found in this section). This is especially true with most road cleats as they are made out of plastic; however this is also true in the case of SPD mountain bike cleats. Although made from harder metals, the increased walking done on a mountain bike ride means that they too will wear and need replacing. At Zovelo you will find replacement cleats for all of the pedal systems that we have in our range.

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