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Road Bike Clipless Pedals

Clipless Road Pedals Clipless Road Pedal Systems have been developed from the technology used in ski bindings. Cleats attach to the bottom of the shoe and fit into clamps built into the pedal and held with springs which then allow the cleat to be released by twisting the foot sideways. Unlike MTB systems the cleats tend to be broader to allow a greater area of contact and power transfer. These cleats are not designed to be walked on because they are made from lightweight plastics. Lightweight Road Pedals Look were the first company to produce clipless pedals and have remained at the forefront of design, with many other companies such as Shimano and Time adopting similar systems. Road pedals especially at the high end tend to be very minimalist to reduce weight, but also to get the balls of the feet as close to the pedal axel as possible for ultimate power transfer. For more advice refer to our Buyers guide or cleat fitting pages.
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