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Track Bike Components

Track Components The demands of the track are different to the road - just one gear is needed and no brakes are required. Track chains are designed to be used with fixed gear chainsets and rear fixed sprockets. Track bicycles use a single fixed gear and so don’t have to go through the wearing process of changing through the gears. Track racing often involves great amounts of power being transferred through the chain to the rear wheel, which is why chains have to be over engineered to withstand these incredible forces. As a result track chains are made wider than standard road versions for increased strength and to fit the wider, stiffer chainrings and sprockets used on a fixed gear cycle. They are available in two standard sizes; 1/8" and 3/32". Track chainsets come in two widths of chairing; 1/8" and 3/32".They can be purchased with a different size chairing, but spares will need to be purchased (link to spare chainring) in order to change the gear ratios necessary for the different track disciplines. Crank Lengths They can be purchased in different crank lengths to suit the different sizes of rider, but when riding in an indoor velodrome it is always recommended to run a 165mm crank length. This is due to the high angle of banking and to avoid grounding your pedal (although this also depends on he height of your BB). Contact us if you require further advice. We stock chainsets from Miche, Campag, Shimano and FSA. The two ways to change your gear ratio on affixed wheel track bikes are either to change the chainring or change the rear sprocket. By changing the rear sprocket the increase in the size of gear can be much larger than if changing the front chairing. Sprocket width & Size If the rider needs a small increase or decrease in the gear they will have to change both (refer to our track gear chart). In this section you will find track sprockets in all sizes and in both the widths produced 1/8" and 3/32".

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