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Mountain Bike and Off Road Tyres

MTB tyres have to cover a large range of disciplines and will be used in all possible conditions. At AW Cycles you can find  MTB tyres for all types of riding, including clincher tyres to be used with a separate inner tube and specialist tubeless tyres for use on purpose made rims without inner tubes. We stock all kinds of tyres, whether XC racing with narrower light weight tyres, down hill racing with wide heavy duty treads to give maximum grip or simply a standard tyre to get your MTB bike back up and running for the commute to work. Tyres To Suit All Conditions We stock tyres from all the leading manufacturers such as Continental, Panaracer and Bontrager who all make a broad range of models with specialist tread patterns to adapt your bike to differing weather conditions. Please refer to our buyer’s guides for more information and take a look through our tyre database for an easy comparison between the different manufacturers.
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