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Road and Cyclocross Tyres

At AW Cycles we stock a large range of road clincher and tubular tyres for road bikes in widths 18 - 26c. The standard size of tyres used on road bikes is 700c x 23c which is narrow enough for low rolling resistance, but wide enough to give control and puncture protection. Many cyclists looking for a tyre for touring or training (where speed is not the ultimate goal) will choose to ride a wider tyre for increased protection and stability. Riders competing in disciplines such as triathlon and time trials will often choose a narrower tyre such as 700x 20c. For riders using their road bikes or straight handled hybrid bikes with 700c wheels for touring, general use or commuting; a wider tyre of 28c and upwards is recommended as they are very versatile, can give good grip and offer improved puncture protection for hassle free riding. Manufacturers produce a huge range of tyres designed for all sorts of uses. Some might be designed for touring and sacrifice lightweight for puncture resistance, while others will be designed for road racing where the weight and rolling resistance of the tread pattern are paramount. For help with choosing the correct tyre, please refer to our comprehensive table of tyres which contains information about each tyre produced by different manufacturers, their use and other important information such as weight and puncture resistance.
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