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Brakes We stock a varied range of the parts that actually stop your bike; from light weight road bike callipers, to the latest hydraulic MTB disc brakes. As well as the brakes themselves, we’ve got all the cables and spares to keep them in full working order. Road cycle brakes come in several different forms with callipers (either single or dual pivot) or cantilever brakes being the main options, with the latter mainly used for cyclo cross racing. Brake Variations For MTB bicycles there are again several different variations, with the main two types being V- brakes that work on the rim and disc brakes that are very similar to those found on you car; even working with hydraulic fluid. Disc brakes work off special discs that are fitted to compatible hubs which work by pads closing onto the discs to stop the bike. Spares & Accessories To accompany the different types of brakes that we sell, we also keep in stock a broad selection of spares including pads to fit to the brakes when they are worn, as well as spare cables and bolts to keep the stopping performance of your bike at a high level.
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