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Road Bike Wheels

Manufacturers such as Mavic, Bontrager, Easton, Campagnolo, Fulcrum and Shimano now produce aluminium rimed wheels for the road, at all price points and to suit all levels, whether it be an occasional Sunday ride or racing at the highest level. Most of the wheels produced cater for clincher tyres, although some models are still produced with a tubular rim for racing on the track, road or cyclo cross. Top of The Range Rims With designs for rim, hubs and spoke configurations varying between the manufacturers, all of the wheels will have in common the fact that as you rise though the range they will get lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic. Materials such as carbon will start to be used in the hubs to create an incredibly responsive ride. For help in deciding which of these wheels is the right choice for you and an easy way to compare specifications, have a read through our comprehensive wheel chart found in the buyers guides.
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