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Maintenance and Tools To keep your bicycle working efficiently and safely it is important to look after it as regularly as possible. This can be as simple as degreasing and then lubricating the chain or as complicated as stripping down the rear hub, replacing the bearings and rebuilding it into a wheel. Super Pocket Sized Tools At AW Cycles you will find a massive selection of tools that allow you to do all of these jobs and more. We stock all sorts of pocket maintenance tools from a standard set of Allen keys, to super mini tools with everything you could possibly need to repair your bike when out riding. Home Maintenance For maintenance at home we have a complete range of tools from companies such as Park Tools, who make everything from a basic spanner to a specialist crank puller. The simple and most important areas to maintain are also the parts that go wrong the most. This includes the chain and the tyres, which is why we make sure that we offer a vast selection degreasers, oils and puncture repair kits.

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