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Pocket and Multi-Tools

Pocket Maintenance and Multi-Tools Many of the best maintenance tools are designed to be carried with you on the bike. This means that repairs can be carried out on the run to get your bike back in working order and you get home safely. Pocket Tool Sets Pocket maintenance tools range from individual tyre levers and spoke wrenches through to basic multi tool keys with 4, 5 and 6mm Allen keys, as well as flat and Phillips head screw drivers. These tools have become more advanced, with an increasing range of Allen keys and useful items such as tyre levers, chain tools, spoke wrenches and spanners all included in one hardy set. These kits are still small enough to fit into your back pocket or saddle bag whilst riding. Comprehensive Maintenance Kits At the top end of the range there are tools comprising everything you need to virtually strip down your bike and rebuild it. The only thing to get in your way is the inevitable pouring rain.
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