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Bicycle Pumps

Bicycle Pumps Keeping air in your tyres is an essential part of cycling as quite simply, without air you can’t ride your bike! Pumps come in many different shapes and forms, from floor pumps for inflating your bike at home quickly and with little effort, to traditional frame fit pumps that have a long air chamber and enable easy pumping. Hand pumps can be small enough to fit in your back pocket. Some models use innovative technology that means your tyre is being inflated both ways, whether you are pushing or pulling the handle. These clever little devices allow road tyres to be inflated to extremely high pressures. For the ultimate in effortless inflation we stock gas inflating pumps that use compressed gas to inflate the tyre incredibly quickly. This type can be particularly useful when having to mend a puncture during a mountain bike race where speed is of the essence. You can find shock pumps to fit all suspension systems, both for forks and rear shocks, helping you to keep them working effectively.
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