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Floor Pumps

Floor or Track pumps are designed to pump the tyres of a bike to the desired pressure quickly and effortlessly. They are not designed to be mobile and can’t be transported on a bike. They come with a stable base, a solid metallic air chamber and a large handle that can be pumped with both hands if necessary. The air nozzle is long and flexible so it doesn’t put pressure on the valve which can be bent when pumping. Most pumps will come with a gauge reading in either PSA or Bars. This display shows you how much air is in the tyre and enables them to be pumped to the desired level. Due to the easy pumping motion and the large air chambers, these pumps can inflate tyres to very high pressures. Some top of the range pumps which have a very solid and strong chamber are capable of inflating to over 200PSI. Most pumps are compatible with the two main valve types, Presta or Schrader ( Car Type). You will normally find a lever that is used to change the air flow between the two different types of valve connecters. We have a complete range of spares to keep the pumps working when parts wear out. We stock pumps from respected manufacturers such as Blackburn, Beto, Topeak, Innovations and SKS.
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