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Gas Inflater Pumps

These pumps work using cartridges of CO2 gas that fits into a valve head which releases the gas into the tyre at a very high but controlled rate. This type of inflator is a great way to avoid an aching arm from repeated pumping and they are also very small, fitting into pockets or saddle bags. One cartridge inflates one tyre, so be sure to purchase extra canisters of a variety that is compatible with the inflation nozzle (some are specific to the manufacturers). We stock canisters that not only inflate the tyre but also contain latex that is pumped into the tube or tyre and fixes the puncture whilst inflating. This is especially useful when out on the trail in a race as the puncture can be fixed quickly, enabling the rider to get back in the race without losing too much ground. Take a look at our exciting range of gas inflator pumps and spares from Innovations, to fit both types of valve and tyre.
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