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Handheld Pumps

At AW Cycles you will find many hand pumps, including small and stubby devices that are designed to fit in the back pocket of a cycling jersey or neatly onto the bike frame. These models are normally attached by the brackets used to fix water bottle bosses under the cages. Most pumps are designed to work with both of the main valve types; Presta / Schrader (car type). In general, the simple procedure of unscrewing the nozzle cap, turning a rubber washer and re screwing is all that is required to make a switch. Some pumps operate both ways which means that you are pumping air when pulling as well as pushing. This is extremely efficient and dramatically decreases the time it takes to inflate a tyre. With solidly constructed metal air chambers, most pumps (especially those designed for road bikes) can inflate easily to 120 PSI without the rider needing arms like the incredible hulk! We stock pumps from Blackburn which come with a lifetime warranty, as well as many other market leaders such as Topeak and Innovations.
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