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Affordable, easy-to-install power for OEM bikes.

Quarq's mission is to create kick-ass bicycle data systems. It’s that simple. Their goal is to make products that are robust, intuitive, cutting edge — and invisible. The clever technology is tucked deep inside. They make Quarq power meters, Qollector and ShockWiz for riders who seek results. Insights. Breakthroughs. Epiphanies. New personal bests. And, increases in confidence from knowing exactly how and when to use the most important part of any bicycle. Themselves.

Today, Quarq designs and manufactures data and digital technology products for cyclists in every discipline and at all levels of expertise and experience.

In future, Quarq will continue to refine its fast-track pipeline for new products and ideas from the creative minds of bicycling technology — connecting bicycling’s most talented innovators with the sport’s early adopters.

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