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Bianchi LogoBianchi is one of the world’s oldest bicycle manufactures and with over a century’s worth of experience these Italian bikes are very desirable. It is also one of AW Cycles longest standing road bike brands and when it comes to the pinnacle of road bikes the Italians have it pretty well covered not only by with their beautiful designs but theit tacnology as well, not least Countervail.

Countervail Tecnology

Unlike a lot of the main stream road bike manufactures Bianchi doesn’t boast about trying to get you the best group set for your money because they understand that the most important part of your bike isn’t the only part that wears out, but it’s the frame that you really want to focus on and that’s just what Bianchi does, incorporating military grade smart carbon fibre to create the vibration cancelling composite called Countervail.

Instead of passive solutions like rubber inserts or isolators Bianchi have used an intergrated carbon countervail system tested in the extreme enviroment of NASA's aerospace operations. The carbon lay-up of Countervail eliminates 90% of vibrations and stiffens and strengthens the frame. This video demonstrates countervail wonderfully.


• Countervail Maximizes ride control and handling under normal to extreme vibration loads

 Reduced muscle fatigue and increased energy savings in distance rides

 Increased rigidity and peak power output over long distances 

 Bike with Countervail technology: Specialissima; Oltre XR4, Oltre XR3, Infinito CV; Infinito CV DAMA BIANCA; Aquila CV


Bianchi road bikes also give you the opportunity to create your own masterpiece with Tavolozza this allows you to have a custom painted Specialissima or the Oltre XR4. Countervail tecnology, Italian design and your own coulor scheme, the perfect machine.

Road bikes designed in Italy with engineering that solves real problems.

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