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As one of the oldest bicycle manufactures in the world, if you’re searching for a bike created by experienced professionals, it’s hard to go wrong with Bianchi bikes. Indeed, they are one of AW Cycles longest standing road bike brands and when it comes to the pinnacle of road bikes, Italian brands (such as Bianchi) have it all; blending beautiful design with technology.


Who/What Is Bianchi?

Starting in 1885, with over 130 years of history, Bianchi is one of the leading brands in the international cycling sector. Indeed, Bianchi is one of the world’s oldest bicycle manufacturing companies that is still in existence. Additionally, throughout the modern era, Bianchi has been associated with both Tour de France winners and Giro d’Italia winners. All of which is a testament to the quality of Bianchi cicycles.

Traditionally, Bianchi bicycles are painted in a turquoise colour known as Celeste, which is sometimes referred to as Bianchi Green. This distinct colour further adding to the character and stylish design of a Bianchi bicycle.


Bianchi Bikes From AW Cycles

If you’re searching for a bicycle suitable for a variety of tasks such as keeping fit, riding on a racing track, or cyclo-cross; we recommend browsing through a range of road bikes, one such manufacturer of road bikes is Bianchi bikes.

Unlike some mainstream road bike manufacturers, Bianchi focuses on the frame of the bike. Indeed, instead of trying to get the best group set for the money, instead they incorporate military grade smart carbon fibre; creating a vibration cancelling composite called countervail.

You could also create your own customised road bike with Tavolozza. This enables you to have a have a custom painted Specialissima or the Oltre XR4; featuring Italian design, countervail technology, and your own colour scheme.


What Is Countervail Technology?

Some manufacturers use passive solutions such as rubber inserts, however thanks to the integrated carbon countervail system used by Bianchi, they can eliminate up to 90% of vibrations whilst also stiffening and strengthening the frame.

If you’re unsure about the reliability of such as system, do not worry because the integrated carbon countervail system is tested in the extreme environment of NASA's aerospace operations.

There are numerous advantages of a road bike that uses countervail technology, for example the countervail maximises ride control and handling under both normal and extreme vibration loads. It is also responsible for increased rigidity and peak power output over long distances. This means reduced muscle fatigue and increased energy savings in distance rides.

If you’re interested in a bike with Countervail technology, you can choose from the following bicycles.


  • Specialissima.
  • Oltre XR4.
  • Oltre XR3.
  • Infinito CV.
  • Infinito CV DAMA BIANCA.
  • Aquila CV.


Join The Community At Reading’s Bike Shop – AW Cycles

If you would like to purchase a high quality bicycle to get more exercise, perhaps you would be interested in joining our regular social ride around the local Reading area?

You can browse through a selection of bikes that are available for purchase on our online store, or by visiting our friendly and experienced staff in person at our Reading bike shop. We really do have something for everyone, from the occasional bicycle rider to the pro-level athlete; so browse online or visit our large two floor bicycle showroom in Reading today!

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Products priced over £20 that are not over weight or over sized will be shipped to you FREE! Additionally, we are proud to offer a simple and easy no quibble policy. When you purchase a product from AW Cycles, there is no fuss and no red tape. If you do need to return an item just post it back with the returns form included with your order.

So if you’re searching for a new bike, cycling equipment, or if you need some repairs for your bicycle, visit AW Cycles; your local bike shop in Reading.

Searching For A New Bicycle? Visit Reading’s Bike Shop, AW Cycles.

If you’re searching for a Bianchi bike, visit AW Cycles. You can browse through a wide range of Bianchi branded bicycles, in a wide range of colours, including the well known Bianchi Green/Celeste.


If you’re unsure what bike is best suited to your needs, our team of experts will be happy to provide you with assistance. Additionally if you are unsure if a specific bicycle is suited to your needs and riding style, you could take a bike for a quick test ride. Additionally, if you would like to purchase a bicycle from our store, you could get the bike adjusted to you so it is optimised for you and your riding style.

What Other Bikes Are Available?

As one of the most respected independent cycle shops in the country, the AW Cycles bike shop in Reading has a vast and varied stock of bicycles including but not limited to road racing bikes, mountain bikes, E-Bikes, bikes for commuters, leisure bikes, and children’s bikes.

With two floors of bikes and accessories, we are sure we have just what you need. So if you’re a pro-level athlete, or an occasional bike rider, visit AW Cycles; we really do have something for everyone.

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