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If you want to push your boundaries and reach new limits, you’ll need a bike that is engineered to help you outperform yourself; so choose a bike empowered with German engineering, choose a Focus bike.


Focus Bikes


We are proud to include Focus Bikes in the range of bikes available at AW Cycles. Their bicycles are truly world class, with a range to choose from including mountain, road, and electric bikes. After being founded in ’92 by Mike Kluge (a cyclocross world champion), the Focus Bike range is the ideal choice if you’re trying to reach a new personal best, or if you’re searching for a bicycle to enjoy your local woodland trails.


Full Suspension Bikes

These mountain bikes include suspension at both the front and the rear of the bicycle. Full suspension bicycles are ideal for off-road biking, especially those who enjoy soaring down off-road paths and trails. Additionally, full suspension bicycles offer far superior traction and have much better handling compared to other types of mountain bikes, which means that you’ll experience a more comfortable, easier, and more enjoyable ride.


However, the rear absorption of impact does have disadvantages. Whilst it does provide a more comfortable ride for mountain bikers, especially those tackling downhill trails, it does make the bike heavier with can make biking more difficult for your leg muscles.


Hardtail Bikes

A hardtail bicycle only has suspension at the front of the bicycle. Whilst at first glance you might think that you ideally want as much suspension as possible when mountain biking, there are situations when having less suspension can be more beneficial. For example, when cleaning your bicycle, the fewer components a bicycle has the easier it is to maintain, additionally another benefit of having less components means that hardtail bikes are often cheaper than full suspension mountain bicycles.

It’s also worthwhile noting that hardtail bikes are often lighter than full suspension bicycles and as such they are more advantageous for cycling uphill and for cycling on mixed terrain such as smooth off-road trails and urban areas. 


Road Bikes

Road bikes are the ideal choice for people searching for bicycles to use on the roads. If you’re not interested in off-road cycling or you enjoy cycling indoors on tracks, a road bike with drop handlebars would be the ideal choice.


Road bikes are also often lighter and more rigid which means the bike will absorb less of the energy you push into the pedals, which results in more energy propelling your forwards. So if you want to go faster for longer on the road, choose a road bike infused with German engineering, a Focus Bike road bike.


Should You Choose An Electric Bike?

Also known as a pedalec, an electric pedal assist bicycle provides help and assistance whilst you ride. These bicycles are allowed on roads and trails wherever ‘normal bicycles’ are allowed. However, in order to ride an electric bike on the road, you need to be aged 14 or over and the bike cannot higher than 250 watts in power and it cannot provide pedal assistance above 25km/h (which is 15.5 mph). If the bicycle follows the restrictions to make the bicycle road-legal, you don’t need insurance or a driving license, (unless you live in Northern Ireland where you need a moped licence, registration, and proof of insurance in order to ride them)


Electric bikes can be more powerful than 250 watts and go faster than 15.5mph, however they cannot be ridden on the roads, you will need to register the eBike as a motor vehicle, you’ll need to pay both tax and insurance, acquire a driving licence, and wear a motorcycle helmet whilst riding.


Interested In Purchasing A New Bike? Enjoy Peace Of Mind With No Fuss Returns


If you are interested in purchasing a new bicycle but you’re not sure if a Focus Bike is the right choice for you, you can purchase with confidence thanks to the AW cycles no fuss returns policy. When ordering from our online store, there’s no red tape when it comes to returns, if you would like to return an item, just post it back with the returns form included with your order.


Additionally, if you visit our team in store, you can also take a bicycle for a quick test ride. Also, should you decide to purchase the bike, our team of experts can adjust the bicycle to make sure that it is optimised for you and your unique riding style.


You could also join the Reading cycling community and take part in the next upcoming AW Cycles event.


Get In Touch With The AW Cycles Team


If you have any questions regarding any of the cycling products that are available for purchase or if you require assistance finding the bicycle that is best suited to your needs, please get in touch with a member of staff. Our friendly and dedicated team will be happy to help.


You can speak to a member of our team by calling 0118 946 3050, however if you would prefer to visit us in store, our address is, 110 Henley Road, Caversham, Reading. 

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