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Considered by many to be the benchmark for British designed mountain bikes, Whyte bikes are a very popular choice that has won numerous awards; their T-130 RS was hailed the undisputed Trail Bike of The Year!

The History Of Whyte

The popular British bicycle designer Whyte was established in 1999. At first they started off as producer of hard tail mountain bikes, however over the years they have expanded their range including but not limited to trail, XC, road, and commuter bicycles.

What Is A Hard Tail Mountain Bike?

A hard tail mountain bike is a bicycle that only has suspension at the front of the bicycle. This makes it far more optimal for climbing trails thanks to the low weight and energy-efficient design. Hard tail bikes are also a great choice for those who want to ride on smooth off-road trails or who want a bicycle that can handle both road and trail thanks to the efficiency of hard tail designed frames.

Whyte Bikes – Award Winning Mountain Bikes, Available For Purchase From AW Cycles

With lots of bikes receiving 10/10 and 5/5 review scores, it’s easy to understand why a large numer of people choose to ride mountain bikes created by the manufacturer Whyte. They design bikes in such a manner that provides the rider with more confidence in their abilities, allowing them to push themselves to ride faster and further. This is done by moving the front wheel further in front of the rider at a slacker angle which allows the steering to correct itself; a feature which is especially helpful when riding down a tricky to navigate mountain trail.

Their bikes are made from either aluminium or carbon fibre, providing a high performance and light weight frame construction. With regards to their aluminium bicycles, they have modified and improved the designs for well over a decade, and with regards to those made from carbon fibre, they are researched and test ridden by Whyte in the United Kingdom.

Proudly British

This British designed Whyte mountain bikes provide cyclists with all the tools they need to tackle the riding conditions caused by the British weather. Their bikes are built using bearings which are far tougher than many competitors’ bikes; additionally these bearings are protected by anodised suspension caps.

Wet and muddy conditions need not persuade you against riding if you’re on a mountain bike from the award winning manufacturer Whyte. After all, there’s a reason why they’re the nation’s favourite trail bike.

A Selection Of Bicycles To Choose From

Whyte make a variety of different mountain bicycles including both hard tail and full sus models.

  • Hard Tail
    Whyte are well known for producing high quality hard tail bicycles; so it’s no surprise that they have a 10/10 award winning frame in their hard tail roster, the 905. However, this award winning frame isn’t restricted to the 905 alone; you can also enjoy the confidence inspiring geometry in the 901, a bicycle with compound tyres and WTB ST TCS 2.0 i35 rims, offering improvements in both comfort and control.

  • Full Suspension
    A criticism of full sus mountain bikes is that sometimes it can be difficult to carry water bottles, causing you to need to wear a hydration pack. However, the G-170C RS 2018 from Whyte uses a clever open front triangle design, which allows the rider to carry a full size water bottle.

    Additionally, another concern regarding full sus bicycles is speed. However, with the S-150 S 2018 mountain bikers can enjoy speedy climbs and thanks to the latest generation Whyte geometry, which also provides the rider with an outstanding level of control.

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